What Will Toyota Reveal With The FT-4X??

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Toyota FT-4X Teaser Image Toyota FT-4X Teaser Image

We've only seen one photo, and even though the FT-4X concept will be revealed in just a couple of days, the TCT team can't help but dream. 

The last time we were this excited about a concept was well, before our magazine event existed. It was 2003 and the FJ Cruiser concept was revealed at the Chicago Auto show. The original concept had plenty of little fun things (like a gear shifter that doubled as a shovel handle) that were obviously just for show. Still, the design (that came from Calty Design Research) inspired thousands. The production FJC ended up inspiring our media company and in many ways re-invigorated the Toyota 4x4 world. 

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So what could the FT-4X actually be?

Well, as our Senior Editor Bob Holliday pointed out: the 225/55R18 Tire size points to a rather small vehicle. 

The other aspect we can look at is what's missing from the Toyota lineup? They clearly have the truck & SUV market handled. Our Tundra is the best vehicle we've ever driven. The Land Cruiser is legendary. They can't build enough Tacomas. The 4Runner? An excellent all around 4x4 vehicle that has clearly taken the place of the FJ Cruiser and is an inspiring platform. 

If you've followed Toyota 4x4 history you may remember that the original RAV4 was a great small off-road rig with an excellent 4WD system. The world is much different than in 1996, and even though the current generation RAV4 does very well in the rally circuit, it has grown in size since the 90’s, so there’s an opportunity.

Older enthusiasts with families clearly have plenty of options. So this concept will be aimed at a younger crowd. 

Today young people want to get out & explore, but don’t necessarily plan for an epic overland adventure.. They seek adventure, but also want economy. A smaller 4x4 with true capability, legendary Toyota reliability, and a little fun in design & features could be very well received.

While many of us pine for a 70 Series, solid axle, diesel Land Cruiser; this concept will not be that.

It will likely be a...baby 4x4. 

Our guess is that the FT-4X will be aimed at the young crowd mentioned above. It will likely have a 4-cylinder gasoline engine (although a small diesel would be epic), and will comfortably seat 4 millennials. Hopefully it has a real 4WD system and a few design cues from previous Toyota vehicles.

Most of all…we really hope a version of this concept goes into production!

Watch the Live Stream on April 12, and check our site for the latest information when it’s revealed!

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